Enriching Lives As We Age

Our Mission

Peninsula Volunteers, Inc., has provided service for almost 70 years and has led the nation in developing programs and properties to support the welfare of the senior members of the community.

2011 Dine Out Photo Our Purpose
The purpose of Peninsula Volunteers is to help create, through high quality and nurturing programs for the aging, a community in which seniors are engaged, cared for and respected as vital members.

Our Vision
As life expectancy lengthens, communities embrace both opportunities and challenges to help the aging maintain their dignity, independence and sense of usefulness. The mark of any community is in the way it regards and respects its elders and the lessons it conveys to all its citizens.

Peninsula Volunteers provides programs, support and guidance for seniors in our community as they pursue the pathway of a long and useful life. 

Our Core Values

  • We believe in the dignity and independence of the seniors in our community.
  • We believe in returning the abundance that has been given to us by offering our time, our efforts and our resources to those who have served us.
  • We are, and will be, responsive to the needs of our aging population and, through collaboration with other organizations, we will strengthen our community's ability to serve the aging.
  • We value life, especially for the aging in our community, and strive to exemplify this and other values in everything we do.

Our Goal
To serve the needs of the senior population in our community, increasing the number of households we impact each year.