Rosener House

Benefits of Adult Day Services

Adult Day Services (ADS) offer a unique solution for addressing the health and social needs of adults with chronic conditions who are at risk for institutional placement or acute level health services.
ADS are a cost effective community-based option among long-term care services. For many it can serve as an alternative to premature institutional placement, both by active therapeutic intervention for the participant and by reducing the emotional and physical demands on the caregiver.Individuals who are appropriate to participate in the Rosener House program include people with Alzheimer's disease, other memory loss, Parkinson's disease, stroke, heart disease, social isolation, or other age-related conditions.

ADS provide a daytime program of therapeutic activities, health and support services, in a caring environment that is enjoyable and emotionally supportive.

Bringing participants together in a group promotes socialization, provides peer support and strengthens self-esteem in a cost-effective manner, while providing respite for caregivers.

Each participant is supported and motivated to maintain their highest degree of independence and well-being. Everyone needs a purpose in their lives – a reason to get up in the morning. This is especially important for disabled older adults who tend to be very susceptible to depression since their losses are multiple. Many of our participants view Rosener House as their job, club, school or volunteer work. They feel needed, accepted, respected and supported. The majority of our participants have lived in the Bay Area for many years. They have contributed to our community through their professional and personal lives.

Adult Day Services programs can help:

  • Stabilize medical conditions and avoid frequent hospitalizations
  • Prevent secondary disabilities that result from excessive bed rest or inactivity
  • Improve ability to perform daily activities through attendance in the therapeutic activity program
  • Increase self-esteem and dignity of participantsImprove, stabilize or retard the deterioration of cognitive functioning
  • Increase verbal ability and mobilityImprove behavior and mood
  • Improve nutritionLessen the impact of acute episodes through monitoring and rapid intervention
  • Provide opportunities for friendships, decreasing isolation and loneliness

The National Adult Day Services Association has on its site "Choosing a Center" at and a "Site Visit Checklist" at  These are helpful to families in making a decision to use Adult Day Services.

Peninsula Volunteers Rosener House Adult Day Services offers "the best of both worlds" – a safe and therapeutic setting during the day and the comforts of home and family in the evening.